Monday, December 7, 2009

The Very Beginning, A Very Good Place To Start

Throughout time, women’s roles have constantly been evolving. It used to be that women created out of necessity. Their families needed clothing, so they sewed and knitted. Their families needed to eat, so they cooked and baked. With each new generation, the matriarchs passed their knowledge on to the young girls of the family. As modern technology advanced, these basic skills became less and less necessary to women. We wanted equal rights, and we fought to get them. Women ventured out of the kitchen and into the workplace. Today we find ourselves with a new generation of liberated women who combine the best of both worlds. These ladies are venturing back to the kitchen and the sewing rooms because they want to, not because they feel pressure from society to be like June Cleaver. Women with tattoos of a needle and thread are putting on aprons and whipping up cupcakes while they raise a family and run a business. Although the internet has created a large venue for learning these various skills, many people still learn the old fashioned way – from their mothers and their mothers before them. We are all fortunate enough to grow up in a time where there is equality between genders, but we should never lose sight of the importance of fostering creativity among a family by passing down knowledge to each new generation.